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Halloween Tales From A Demon Cat, Part 3

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 "Do you want to hear about my third owner?"

It was my Demon Cat, Gabriela screeching in a low tone behind me.  She had told a tale that had got us moderated at our last writing site, (although both Gabriela and I looked at it as a demonstration of the double standards so often utilized at that site) so we moved here in order to keep her tales coming.  

I didn't want to hear it, but after all the trouble she had gone through to move here, I decided I might as well give her a chance to tell another story.

"Would you mind making this one a little more gentle than the last?"

She looked at me with her gleaming eyes and whispered, "Do you want a fairy tale or the truth?"

"I want the truth, but remember, we've already had problems elsewhere.  The last thing we need is to get into trouble on this site, too" I reminded her.

"You will get the truth and live with it.  If you can't take the truth, then don't write the story" she stated with an evil smirk.

I turned to my keyboard, exhaled, and started typing


In my humble opinion, my third owner was probably the worst owner a cat could have.  In fact, there were times I wondered if I was actually his pet, or if he kept me around as only a mouse killer.

He and his wife owned a farm out in the middle of nowhere  It was a huge farm that had been busy and profitable at one time, but that was before my owner started hitting the bottle. 

I spent most of my time around the barn area.  There were plenty of mice there to eat, so I wasn't hurting for food.  Besides, his wife would put out a small bowl of milk for me in the evening, along with some meat scraps leftover from their dinner table.  She was such a kind woman with love to share with every living creature. 

She'd spend much of her time tending to the plants around the house.  She loved to help plants grow strong and tall, and was good at it!  One evening, I even watched her stand up to her drunken husband as he tried to cut down an old tree that had been split down the center after it had been struck by lightning.

I thought the ass was going to cut her in half with the chainsaw.  Luckily, she talked him out of it by promising to cook his favorite meal for dinner, and letting him buy another bottle of whiskey on Friday.  I think it was the whiskey that saved her more than the dinner.

©Copyright RCRUMPLE2012. All Rights Reserved

One night, I had just finished my meal, and I heard them arguing about something.  Another under the influence display of intelligence by him, I was sure.  I just hoped she'd be okay.

I'd seen him beat her without care several times before.  She'd nurse her bruises for a few days and then act as if nothing had ever happened.  I could never understand why she took it. 

Listening tonight, it sounded like he really hit her hard.  It sounded as if she'd been thrown into a table as dishes smashed against the floor and a dull thud followed.  That was followed by footsteps walking back and forth and his voice mumbling something about "Damn, clumsy woman, you ain't gonna die and put me in jail.  You ain't gonna do it!"

A little later, just as it was getting dark, he left the house and went to the tool shed.  There, he got a pick and shovel and went out to the split tree.  I followed, as curiosity seems to plague me, and watched as he'd swing the pick into the frozen ground around the tree's roots, loosen up the soil, and then shovel the loose clods of dirt into a neat pile. 

He repeated that for over an hour.  I got to give him credit for effort.  He never stopped once for a breather.  Made me want a nap just watching him.

Finally, he climbed out of the hole he'd dug and returned to the house.  After a few minutes, out the front door he walked, carrying his wife.  She hung limply, her arms dangling and swinging back and forth.  When he reached the hole, he stretched her body out over it and just let it drop. 

I wanted to leap and claw his eyes out.  The hair on my back raised, my tail fluffed and I started my moaning style of meowing.  I probably should have kept quiet.  My anger caused the shovel to come flying my direction.  I sprang out of its path just in time as the blade dug into the ground where I'd been standing. 

It didn't take long for him to shovel back the dirt.  When the hole was filled, he stomped on it to pack it down tight.  Finally, he took his tools and stored them in the shed and returned to the house.

I didn't see much of him the next few days.  My milk and leftovers were a thing of the past, so I concentrated on catching mice just to stay alive. 

Just after the first snow, the widow from down the road came by.  I heard my owner telling her that his wife had gone up North to take care of an ailing sister.  He finally got agitated at her questions and sent the widow on her way. 

The next day, the widow came back.  This time, she told him she wasn't going to take "No" for an answer and wanted the phone number that would get her in contact with his wife.  He shut the door in her face.  For five minutes, she screamed and beat against the door in defiant anger. 

Then it happened!

The door flew open and he burst out causing the widow to go flying backwards off the porch.  I could see she was stunned when she hit the frozen ground.  Probably not as much as when my owner grabbed a wooden planter off the porch rail and slammed it down on her forehead.  Not just once, but three times he raised it high and brought it down hard.  Her face changed it's shape under each impact, until you couldn't distinguish one feature from another.

Did I tell you my owner was a bastard?  Well, if I haven't.....

Next, he picked up the widow, carried her to the split tree, came back and got the tools, and before you know it, had dumped the widow's body atop the rotting corpse of his dead wife. 

Practice makes perfect.  

During the next Spring, the rains came.  Endless and without mercy the water poured from the heavens. Even my barn home was soaked.

One night, lightning burst from above and shattered the rain's tempo as it hit the old split tree.  Bark flew everywhere as smoldering wood was quickly drenched by the downpour. 

Being close to the house, my owner decided to take a look at it.  Stumbling out the door in a drunken daze, he looked at the menacing limbs hovering just above the porch. 

That was when he did something really stupid.

Out from the tool shed he came with the chain saw.  Revving up the motor, he approached the tree with only one thought in mind.  It was time to cut off the limbs that endangered his porch.

He raised the chainsaw as high as he could, but was just shy of reaching the branches that needed cutting.  With the motor still running, he climbed onto the tree's split center.  That was when strange things began to take place.

Try as he might, he couldn't position himself to cut the limb.  It seemed each time he almost got within range, the branch would swing away just enough to make his effort ineffective.  Over and over he tried, but was only successful in failing to make the first cut. 

As the rain beat down on his angry face, he decided just to cut off the half of the tree closest to the house.  Raising the chainsaw high above his head, he started to bring it down hard against the trunk.  But, that didn't happen.

Instead, a branch had caught his arm and was holding on tight.  Another branch wrapped his torso under his arms and began a tugging like motion.  He struggled hard, but the tree held on, slowly pulling him away from his weapon. 

I know I heard the voices of the owner's wife and the widow. It sounded like, "Been drinking again, haven't you?  You know you shouldn't mess with tools when you're drunk.  How's if feel to be the one about to die?  Come join us!  We've much to show you... about death!"

His screams got louder and louder and the words got louder and louder and the chainsaw's motor got louder and louder!  The rain was pounding down on my head and all the noise was killing my brain.  I turned and ran to the barn for shelter and relief. 

Just as I reached the door, the thunder boomed and the lightning flashed!  The ground shook and the sky exploded as the tree was hit for a third time by the swords of the God. 

When I finally looked back, I was shocked.  His neck was caught in the V of two branches, and held his body off the ground.  From atop his right shoulder down almost to his groin, he'd been chewed open by the chain saw and split. 

Just like the tree.

A Final Word

"Just couldn't make it less violent, could you?" I asked.

"If you want kid's stuff, go watch Big Bird and Sesame Street before Romney takes them away" she replied.

"So, I'm going to ask you again, have all your victims died violent deaths?"  I felt as though my future might well be in jeopardy.

"Guess you'll have to find out next time.  I hear a mouse in the kitchen!"  And off she ran.

She'd done it to me again.  Was she hiding something, or, was it all a game?  Maybe she'll give me an time. 

©Copyright RCRUMPLE2012. All Rights Reserved

©Copyright RCRUMPLE2012. All Rights Reserved


  1. I tried to leave a comment on my phone last night, but it was not allowing me. But just wanted to say that I am so happy that you have continued Gabriela's adventures here and thoroughly enjoyed this one too. Also, loved how Gabriela somehow weaved Mitt Romney and Big Bird into this one lol :)

  2. Janine - Good to see you! Gabriela can weave a story. Usually, they're a little too rough for hubpages. So, this will be her new home for a little while. Glad you enjoyed this one! Many Thanks!

  3. Had to chuckle at big bird and romney--Poor Gabriela

    1. Audrey - Didn't know you'd been here when I wrote the comment on part IV. There are times, the comedian in my has to come out, if even for a one liner. lol Thanks so for reading and commenting!

  4. And I finally found the continuation of the demon cat's stories! Yey! ^_^ So glad you kept writing them! ^_^

    1. Rosyel - Glad you found these. After my moderation on Hubpages, I felt it better to move the final three of the series here. Many Thanks!