Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Tales From A Demon Cat, Part 5

"Are you ready for the story about my last owner?"

I was almost happy to hear my Demon Cat, Gabriela ask this question.  She'd told of four previous owners in four previous lives,  (You'll have to go the to find the first two stories and the background info.)  and I'd been patiently waiting to hear her final tales, considering I was one of her owners, too!

I hurriedly replied, "It's about time you're coming to the end.  Just out of curiosity, when you say "last owner", are you talking about me or the one before me?" 

"How can I tell you the completion of your story when it hasn't happened... yet?"

Feeling stupid, knowing she had a point, I said, "So, after this, you'll still have my story to tell someone, right?"

"Are you trying to get rid of me so you have a story about you?"

I thought a second and asked with sarcasm, "Haven't you made one up about me already?  You seem to be good at making things up."

"I'm going to ignore that,"  she screeched.  "You have no idea what might be in store for you on the horizon.  It's only for me to know.  So, get your damn fingers on the keyboard and get to typing!"

For some reason, I didn't want to push her any further.  She'd made her point, and her face gave me no hint of her joking around.  So, I began to type as she told her story.

Crawly Things

My last owner was a lot like you.  Like yourself, he worked with venomous reptiles, too!

I don't know what either of you see in those damn things.  As far as I’m concerned, they're stupid, dangerous and not good for anything besides biting.  One day, you'll have to fill me in on your obsession with them.  He never got the chance.

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Anyway, he actually owned a venom lab.  Day after day, he'd be busy cleaning cages, feeding, and extracting venom from the hundreds of different specimens he owned. I guess he did this to sell the venom to research facilities to try to keep the lab funded.  He'd work his tail off  (I really hate to use that phrase, but it fits.) day after day trying to keep the electricity on and mice supplied for the snakes to eat.  

When money got tight, that’s when he cut back on his food and mine, and still keep the snakes fed properly.  I guess he figured they were money makers, where he and I really could do with less.  I’d have been happy to have some of the mice and rats he fed them, but during these times, I had to go out and find my own.  

It’s always nice to know where you stand in a person’s priority list, isn’t it?

He worked by himself for many years.  I stayed in the house for the most part.  I really didn’t like the snakes or the smell of musk they presented.  Plus, the one time I did go in the lab area, he almost tripped over me as I walked between his legs.  Probably wouldn’t have mattered much, but he had a five foot specimen with a rattle on its tail in his hands at the time.  

Okay, so I’m not perfect.  Are you?

One day, while giving a tour of the lab to a bunch of school kids, one of the youngsters slipped away from the group and opened a plastic drawer.  

Now, in the lab, he had racks of such drawers.  The bottom of the top drawer acted as a top to the one below.  So, when you pulled it out, there was no top to speak of.  I’d seen him stand way back and reach with this metal hook on the end of a metal shaft and pull them open before.  Several times, the specimen inside would strike out at the hook, because snakes are stupid and like to bite.

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Anyway, the school kid had opened the drawer of a small cobra.  It did exactly as I described a moment ago (if you were listening) and struck at the boy.  Caught him right on the arm.  I guess the kid was as stupid as the snake because he just stood there as the snake bit him another time.  

Well, he went running to the teacher and the kids went running out.  But, the snake had long left his drawer and bit two more of them as they headed down the hall in a frightened panic to the door.  The paramedics were called in, and my owner collected up the snake and put it back in the drawer, but neither of those things really mattered.

To make a long story short, after a trip to the lab, the town had three less kids to feed in the school cafeteria.

Of course, my owner felt terrible about it.  I guess he took it personal and couldn’t deal with the guilt he felt.  I’m sure he also knew lawsuits would be coming his direction.  Not only that, but the county inspectors had immediately checked over the lab and made up several violations to close him down.  I guess that’s what made him do what he did.

Somewhere inside the intelligent mind he’d always pretended to have, something snapped.

No!  This time I had nothing to do with it!

He started talking to himself in the next couple of weeks.  He was stressed out because he didn’t have the money to keep the lab running or even feed the snakes.  Plus, he’d been given and eviction order by the county, and legal summons by the courts.  This, along with the guilt he felt over the death of the kids, was simply too much too handle.

I’d been following him into the lab for a few days, worried that he’d decide to end it all and get bit by a snake or two or three.  I could see him doing that to end the nightmare that he was living.  But, instead, he had something else in mind.
I watched him go to the lab, and put all the snakes in these big cotton snake bags.  He didn’t just put one in each bag either, as he’d done in the past when he needed to ship it somewhere.  He loaded these bags up to the max.  And remember, all of these snakes were deadly.  

He must have had twenty of these bags by the time he was done.  He loaded them in the back of the pick-up truck one by one, being exceptionally careful to hold them above the knots he’d tied at the openings.  Guess he still wasn’t in the mood to get bit.  

Well, I have to admit, my curiosity got the better of me.  I jumped in the open window of the back door of his Club Cab and hid under the front seat the best I could.  It was getting dark, so even if he looked back there, my black coat would blend in with the shadows.

As he drove down the road, I figured we’d be stopping off at the river.  I’d heard about the monsters that tie litters of my own kind in bags and throw them into the cold river water to drown.  So, I figured that was what he was going to do with the snakes, instead of letting them starve.  

Boy, was I mistaken!

Rather than the river, we ended up at the high school.  He parked by the concessions entrance to the football field and got out.  Grabbing a couple of the bags, I watched him walk up to the gate, tell the guy there something, and walk right by him.  

There was this big sign over the gate that said “Homecoming.”  I didn’t know what that meant, but I did see just about the whole town there.

I slid into the stands area, watched him walk around the end of the field and under the bleachers on the other side.  A few seconds later, he came back out, walked to his truck, and grabbed another two bags.  Again, he returned with the bags empty. Finally, he did the same thing under the bleachers closest to us.
Then, before I could do anything, he’d jumped back in the truck and drove maybe fifty yards.  I figured I’d lost my ride home at first, but ran and jumped in the truck when he stopped.  He didn’t even notice me as his concentration was on emptying more bags all around the parked cars.

That was when I first heard the screaming.

My first thoughts were that one of the teams had scored.  I didn’t know it was the snake’s team that had done it.  People started rushing out into the parking lot in droves.  They weren’t walking.  They were running.  Running blind they were.  Right into a sea of deadly serpents.

One after another, I watched my owner smile as the people received deadly bites.  Men, women, didn’t matter to the snakes.  Everybody was a target!

My owner drove off laughing his crazed head off.  When in the center of town, he stopped the truck again and opened up the remaining bags, tossing them immediately into the street behind the truck.  When he was through, the whole street looked like it was moving.  

Scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

He scooted along the roof of the cab and climbed in the driver’s seat.  Taking off, he seemed to be in the best mood I’d seen since the kids got killed.  Didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but he did.

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Arriving back at the lab,  he went over to a couple of his cages that still had snakes inside.  One had “Black Mamba” written on it, and the other had “Inland Taipan” on the sign.  Without a thought, he unlocked the cages and opened one after the other. 

He just stood there as both snakes darted out of their cages.  They first seemed to attempt to avoid my owner and seek escape.  He ended that by stepping firm on the tails of both of them and receiving bite after bite as the deadly venom flowed from their fangs.  After a few minutes, he dropped to his knees and was bitten several more times.  After another ten minutes, his breathing had stopped.

So much for my fifth owner!

A Final Thought

“So, what happened afterwards?”

Gabriela looked at me with an expression of sadness I’d never before seen and replied, “Ever hear of the September Oil Refinery explosion that took out a whole town?  It was a cover up.  Civil Defense authorities decided that the only way to keep the snakes from spreading and killing more people, they’d have to burn a circle around the area for miles and feed it inward.  One hell of a snake barbecue, from my understanding. The whole town was destroyed.”

I stuttered out, “And the survivors?”

“Wasn’t many to speak of.  Over three hundred died either of snakebite or of being trampled in the panic it caused.  Those that did survive were forced into mental institutions under the premise of extreme depression and irreversible shock.  As you’ve probably guessed by now, the Black Mamba got me a couple of times in the lab and I died well before the fire ever took place.” was her reply.

I could only stare at Gabriela in awe.  Had she been telling me the truth, or was this a put on?  She seemed to be deep in thought, almost in a state of shock.  It was though the memories were coming back strong and she was struggling to keep them from overcoming her with the events of her past.

Breaking the silence, I asked, “So, are you okay?”

She shook her head from side to side a couple of times, as if to clear her thoughts.  She looked up at me with her eyes that had seemed to lose the demon fire I’d seen so often before.  It was as if she’d transformed into a feline that needed to be held instead of feared.

She stuttered a couple of times and finally asked, “You’re not going to go crazy on me, are you?  I mean, you’ve been pretty good to this point.  You feed me and pet me and for the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m loved.  I’d really like just to be free of my curse and have a normal life.  Do you think we could do that?”

I stretched out my hand to her and she softly rubbed up against it.  Then, she looked up and meowed as a normal cat would do.  Perhaps, she’d be okay now.  No more demon cat.  Just a fat and sassy feline for my other cat, Faletame to play with.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Now, if I can just get the landlord’s dead body out of the house 
without her knowing it!

If I Could Only Be A Normal Cat
©Copyright RCRUMPLE2012. All Rights Reserved

©Copyright RCRUMPLE2012. All Rights Reserved


  1. Hey, my encounter with a snake under my BBQ pit will never be forgotten. A dog saved my life because he barked just when it was about to go round my legs. Scary!! Dad used a shovel to smash its head. Didn't think of anything else then. This was a cool story....hope never to be anywhere near a venom lab! Thanks for the write!

  2. Michelle - Good to see you! Venom labs are like guns. Handle them wrong, or put the wrong person with them, and they're killers. Otherwise, they just sit there and harm no one. lol Many Thanks!

  3. Wow Richard I loved how you ended this tale and let us think she Gabriela had actually turned good on us as if. Great job my friend!!

    1. Janine - One can never tell about Gabriela. I'm just concerned she'll catch me and the whole thing will start all over for her again. I guess I'll have to be sneaky! lol Many Thanks!

  4. So when does this horror book get published...and then made into the movie. This is stuff Steven King would enjoy. hahah. Great post...and that cat is um...interesting. Snakes? Well, as long as they don't touch me, I'm all right. :)

    1. Cyndi - Wouldn't that be nice?! lol That would my the job fair hub totally unnecessary! Snakes seemed a fitting end to a series. They hold a phobia of their own for many, so add that with the storyline and hopefully, it worked! Glad you enjoyed! Many Thanks!

  5. Yikes, I may have a few nightmares about snakes tonight, but still, great story and ending for this series. I love how your demon cat has an endearing side, too, or so we hope. :)

  6. Emily - Let's hope you sleep fine and don't even think about the snakes crawling under the bed covers and across your legs as you sleep. Just don't rollover on one of them and you'll be fine! lol Glad you enjoyed this series and the ending. Gabriela's coming around as she picks up weight and finds out what it's like to be given constant attention. Many Thanks!

  7. Poor, little Angel. I just want to cuddle her. She looks so like my first cat, Gypsy. Black as coal, she was, with a white diamond on her tummy.

    Have read all the stories and loved, loved, loved every one of them.

    1. Zulma - She's become quite a lover of lovin'. I don't think she'd ever had a person show her love before. She's gained so much weight since we got her that I'm going to have to start her on a diet before she really get hefty. lol She actually has two areas of white on her now, on her upper and lower stomach area. Thanks so for the kind words. Really appreciated!

    2. You're very welcome, Rich. I don't think she's going to appreciate the diet. We women seldom do. :)

  8. Aww so nice! So is it the end of the stories? I will miss them for sure! ^_^

    1. Rosyel - It had to end somewhere, so, I decided this was as good a time as any. Who knows, next Halloween, she may tell us of another life, before her first reincarnation! Many Thanks!